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WordPress Design

For both casual users and professional organizations alike, WordPress has become the go-to platform for creating and distributing content to audiences around the world. Given the immense competition found in today’s online arena, it is essential for business owners to create a WordPress web design with a sophisticated, intuitive and eye-catching web presence that helps them stay “top-of-mind” with their audience.  It’s an ideal choice for a wide range of websites from e-commerce and lead generation to informational or branded websites.

Whether you are considering a Woocommerce site for e-commerce, or are simply looking to drive more awareness of your organization or services, WordPress is a CMS that is worth your consideration. Thanks to a near-endless array of design options, we can assist you in crafting a site that is as unique as your own brand.

Chase Design provides comprehensive WordPress design and development services for customers across a broad array of industries. Our team of designers, web architects, creatives and optimizers have the talent and experience needed to attract and convert prospective customers. Here are some of the reasons we recommend this content management system to many of our clients:

Functionality and Flexibility

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of WordPress is its ability to act as a turnkey solution for digital content management. The team at Chase Design assists our clients in order to help them better understand the capacities and functionality of the WordPress CMS. What is the goal of the site? What are the essential capabilities? What plugins exist that can save you time and money in developing a solution for your customers?

This early-stage exploratory stage is hugely influential on our design process, as it provides clients with a glimpse into the true capabilities of their platform and the various methods via which strategic design can noticeably improve user experience.

WordPress Theme Development

With over 75 million WordPress sites in existence today, standing out from the crowd requires a personal touch and a distinctive style. The team of developers and designers at Chase Design can help you create a uniquely tailored WordPress theme which sets new standards for functionality and performance.

Your new theme will be fully compatible with any and all plug-ins you require for your business. Each of the themes our team creates features fully integrated responsive design, meaning your site will look superb on any device, be it a cellphone, tablet or desktop computer.

If you have an existing theme that you would like to have modified or reworked, we can help with that as well. If you are looking for a new WordPress theme that you will love, we can choose one and customize it to your needs. No matter what state your current template may be in, we can design develop within that framework to maximize efficiency and ensure a fantastic end result.

A Media-First Approach to Development

Whether you require a promotional video or professional photography for your site, the team at Chase Design will help you integrate your professional media into your WordPress platform. You will be able to take full advantage of the latest design techniques and strategies as we prepare to launch the new face of your business.

Many of our clients have questions regarding the best possible methods for integrating multimedia into their online platforms. WordPress allows us to create viable strategies for communicating brand identity and value via multimedia without sacrificing load times and general user experience.

Future Proof Design

We understand that your business can grow and change on a daily basis. Because of this, we design each WordPress site so that you, the business owner, can modify, remove or add new content at the touch of a button. Whether you need to reformat text, post updates regarding your products and services, or embed new videos and other multimedia, we will ensure that you have complete control over your content management system and the knowledge you need to effectively deploy the powerful tools at your disposal.

Additionally, we have a website migration process that minimizes the risks of a site redesign even if we are creating a new sitemap and web architecture. This ensures that you keep the traffic you have earned and are left with a better converting, better looking business asset.

At Chase Design, we believe strongly that your online platform should offer the perfect balance between technical prowess and ease-of-use. Each of our clients maintains complete control over their WordPress site and maintains a degree of independence which allows them to move forward with their online platform long after the design process is complete.

A Record of Impeccable Craftsmanship

If you are interested in learning more about WordPress design and development, we encourage you to browse our web design portfolio. These fully customized WordPress templates demonstrate a wide variety of styles and functionality which can easily be incorporated into your own platform. If you have any questions about our services, we recommend that you contact us directly. The WordPress experts at Chase Design are available to discuss your particular project and your specific needs with you at any time.