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Logo Design

A logo is an image that embodies the brand of an organization. It must be easily recognizable and usable in any format. To create a successful logo it takes experience, talent and attention to detail. Chase Design has created many logos for a large array of organizations and can help yours find the identity it requires – whether you are a new business or an established company that has an urgent need to re-brand in order to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace.

Corporate Identity Packages

An organization needs more than just a logo to market effectively, it needs a consistent “persona” that serves the business objectives. Chase Design can create letterhead, business envelopes, business cards and presentation tools that represents your organization effectively.

Branding Manuals

For larger companies and organizations, a branding manual that documents the correct usage of a logo and applicable corporate identity pieces is paramount to making sure that your brand is well received by your audience. Insuring that all of your internal departments are all on the same page about brand consistency and integrity will increase your chances of successful customer engagement and retention.

See our logo work in our Logo Design Portfolio

The Why behind Logo Design:

We all know that first impressions are very important, and successful logo design services can set the tone for how a company is perceived. It will  also have a major influence in the creative direction of your marketing collateral (i.e. brochures, flyers, social media graphics, web design)

Since a brand’s logo is an image that embodies the brand of an organization, it should :

  • Effectively Communicate & Clearly define your brand identity and  messaging to your audience (and potential customers!)
  • Be Unique – easily distinguishing you from your competition
  • Be Scalable – it must be usable in any format.  This includes multiple file types, DPI’s, and resolutions to ensure high quality across digital, print, multimedia and more

To design a successful logo it takes knowledge, experience, talent and attention to detail. This includes specifics such as a solid understanding of the meaning of colors. For instance, we thoroughly research the colors we choose for logos and other marketing collateral to ensure that they make a difference to your audience psychologically.  These details are truly of the highest importance in creating an effective branding experience.

To Learn about the “Why” behind our logo, read about the story of the Chase Design Logo.

Our Logo Design Specialties:

Chase Design has worked with many organizations of different sizes to help create memorable experiences that promote their identity.

While our logo design work spans a wide range of industries, we have a knack for helping certain niches find a representation that resonates with their audiences.  Take a look to find out how we have earned our stripes in your business niche.

Medical Logo Design:

Palomar Health

Dine with the Docs

Prevention Plus


Chase Design has the honor of being chosen as the logo designer for amazing clients in the healthcare and medical industry. Below are a few of the medical logo design projects that we have executed for both large organizations such as Palomar Health to private practice dental logos like Dr. Joseph Laudie’s logo and branding project.

Endurance Sports Logos:

Triathlon Eugene


Washington DC Triathlon

Events DC Nation’s Triathlon

Working with large scale triathlons is a niche that Chase Design is very proud of. Helping these event organizations find a look and feel that gets their athletes excited and involved takes research, understanding of the industry and a keen eye for design. The Naion’s Triathlon is a regal event taking place in Washington D.C. and is one of the largest endurance sports events in the U.S. each year.

Sports Logo Design:

Crossfit PB

Fellowship of Christians Fighters

Steve Clarkson’s Redzone

Past Parallel

Designing logos for local teams, elite coaching camps and sports excursions allows our creativity to flow!  From Steve Clarkson Dream Maker to Amazon River Adventures we have been able to create branding logos that allows customers to feel the excitement behind a brand as their first impression.

Corporate Logo Design:

Metis Commercial Finance

Amazon River Adventures

James Lepanto

The Gratitude Group

We are proud of San Diego’s businesses and our clients in financial services, technology, non profit, real estate and more.  No matter what goal your organization is working towards, Chase designs logo design services will ensure that your brand gets noticed and cuts through the corporate clutter, reaching your target audience!

Our Process:

We follow a process that allows clients to truly communicate their messaging.

  1. Logo Design Process Step 1: Listen
  2. Logo Design Process Step 2: Plan
  3. Logo Design Process Step 3: Execute

Whether you are a new business or an established company that has an urgent need to re-brand in order to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace, Chase Design is ready to collaborate with you to create a successful logo! Go ahead, contact us today and see what we can do for your brand!

"At Chase Design, our design process, used to help focus on solutions to your branding and marketing challenges, is quite simple: Listen. Plan. Execute.
This is the formula for Creating Success for our clients!"

- Chris Chase

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