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Junk King’s Pricing Estimator – Design Meets Problem-Solving

Posted on: January 10th, 2024 by Chase Design
app and product design

Initiating the Vision Together

When the former marketing director at NelsonJobs transitioned to Junk King, the existing relationship prompted a collaboration with Chase Design once again. Recognizing our history of successful projects, she sought our assistance for an ambitious endeavor.

Our primary objective was to develop a Pricing Estimator tool for Junk King, aimed at revolutionizing the process of booking junk hauling services. This initiative aimed to shift away from traditional call center models to bolster online booking convenience.

Engaging with the marketing and development teams, our initial steps involved understanding their tool requirements and aligning ourselves with their needs.

Design Meets Problem-Solving

In the research phase, our goal was to ensure that the tool not only met high design standards and user experience expectations but also reflected current trends. Analyzing practices in various industries inspired us to create Junk King’s unique, efficient, and user-centric Pricing Estimator.

Starting with wireframing, we meticulously mapped out diverse scenarios and user paths. Our approach centered on understanding user perspectives, focusing on process optimization, and guiding users seamlessly to their objectives.

Opting for a minimalistic, illustrative style aligned perfectly with the app-like experience we envisioned. This style and its elements extended beyond the Pricing Estimator, influencing the broader branding, including the website and various marketing collateral.

From Prototypes to Successful Launch

Once our wireframes and user flows were approved, we proceeded to develop full designs for all stages and entered the prototyping & testing phase. After months of rigorous testing and refinements, Junk King expressed confidence in the tool’s effectiveness and readiness for customer interaction.

The tool’s launch proved to be immensely successful! Junk King immediately observed a significant surge in conversion rates and revenue. Impressed by the Pricing Estimator’s impact, they entrusted us with their next project—a comprehensive redesign of their entire website.

Work with us and discover the difference when passion meets design and problem-solving. Let’s create something extraordinary together!