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Combine technical optimization, content and engagement to start moving your marketing flywheel.

Year over year, organic traffic to your website is shown to be one of the best producers of ROI for businesses. An SEO agency is the secret weapon that businesses are using to experience huge growth in today’s digital landscape.

Chase Design utilizes top SEO strategists to bring our clients a full service solution to monetizing their website with organic traffic. This means that you will have a business asset that drives sales and leads well into the future.

A full service SEO company must be able to wear a wide range of hats. Expertise in content creation, a technical aptitude and a vetted outreach process are still only part of the makeup of a successful strategy. You expect award-winning service, transparency into the strategy, an understanding of your brand identity, as well as results.

That is why you need to choose an SEO partner that has the ability to drive results and act as a member of your team. Chase Design can take what was a secretive and complex marketing channel and make it an important part of your brand’s marketing quiver.

Whether you are looking to launch a website that is ready for Google to index and understand or are looking to take your national brand to the next level with a full service content marketing campaign, Chase Design can help you each step of the way.

Seeing the transformative impacts of SEO on our clients businesses excites us. The ever-changing landscape provides opportunities for variations on proven strategies for each unique business model. So how can you benefit from an SEO campaign with Chase Design?

Learn more about how Chase Design approaches getting clients traffic with a 360° approach to SEO!

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Step 1: Technical Site Optimization

If your site isn’t optimized for indexing, google won’t know that it even exists. A technically optimized site requires some very intimate knowledge of how search engines view websites. Technical optimization can be a boring topic for marketers who don’t have a development background.

However, the results that can be realized from an optimized site are another story. While opportunities are one reason, mitigating risk from site redesigns is another essential need for technical optimization. We focus on a complete optimization including:

  • Proper content architecture
  • Structured data markup and Schema
  • Customized files such as robots.txt, xml sitemaps and .htaccess files
  • Site speed optimization
  • Clean HTML and PHP code
  • Reduced duplicate content
  • Image optimization
  • Content architecture
  • Mobile friendly design
  • 301 Redirects
  • Resolving 404 errors
  • Internal linking signals
  • SSL configuration

If you’re business is in need of a site redesign or migration, or if you have an ecommerce or lead generation site, it is vital that it is technically optimized. Ask us to take a look if you need an expert opinion on how technical optimization may take your sites results to the next level.

Step 2: Technical On Page Optimization

Search Engines depend on relevance of a topic and authority in order to rank a page. That means a few things are important. First, you need great content that is worth it for search engines to show. But that’s not enough. It also needs to be specific, and optimized correctly from a single page standpoint.

When we conduct page optimization we start with a spreadsheet of your sitemap, meta data, header tags and more. Then we conduct Keyword Research to identify to best possible keyword targets, themes and even common questions that your customers may be looking to answer with searches. By assigning these to the best fit content we are able to focus on optimizing each organic landing page by customizing the following:

    • Meta Titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • H1, H2, H3 tags
    • Img Alt Attributes
    • Internal Links
    • Outbound links to great resources
    • User Friendly URL’s
    • Responsive and mobile friendly page design
    • Strong calls to action

    Step 3: Content Creation and Distribution

    Whether you have a team of writers and need to find a way to get your content out to influencers and to your market, or you need a full service creation and distribution strategy Chase Design can help. We utilize outreach campaigns that help drive the link equity, domain authority and traffic that separates your business from the crowd. Chase Design is your secret weapon!

    We identify the content needs of your SEO strategy and get to work creating a resource for your customers. In doing this we create the following:

    • 90 day content calendar
    • Relevant Organic landing pages
    • Customer resources and guides
    • Product and Category content
    • Blog posts
    • Long form evergreen content
    • Infographics for link building outreach
    • Guest posting content for link building outreach
    • Social media content for distribution

    We then launch comprehensive outreach campaigns in order to get this great content in front of the people that will link back to it, share it to their audience or feature it on their websites.

    Step 4: Reporting

    We utilize a set of tools that may include Rank tracking, Google analytics, Crazy Egg, Visual Website Optimizer, Majestic, SEMrush and more. We provide in depth analysis of three levels of business KPI’s including business KPI’s such as conversions or revenue, marketing KPI’s such as site traffic and predictive KPI’s such as current rankings.

    If you are looking for a team that will take your business to the next level of success, get in touch with us at Chase Design and start moving the marketing flywheel today!

"At Chase Design, our design process, used to help focus on solutions to your branding and marketing challenges, is quite simple: Listen. Plan. Execute.
This is the formula for Creating Success for our clients!"

- Chris Chase

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