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"At Chase Design, our design process, used to help focus on solutions to your branding and marketing challenges, is quite simple: Listen. Plan. Execute.
This is the formula for Creating Success for our clients!"

- Chris Chase

Chase Design successfully helps our clients reach their full potential in the following areas.
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Marketing Services

We Can Sing Your Song

You have a brand…but does it have a voice? Does it know who it should speak to, how it should sound, and when, where and how often it should be heard? This is what an effective marketing mix should achieve, and the experts at Chase Design can help make your brand sing with a consistent look, feel and tone designed to cut through the noise and move your audience to applause.
From concepting a simple brochure or digital ad to writing and executing a full-scale marketing plan, we offer many strategic and tactical solutions to fit your purpose, style and budget. Take a peek at some of our primary services and give us a jingle to learn more.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

At Chase Design, we can create a successful marketing strategy by simply listening (understanding the need), planning (researching and reviewing) and executing (producing great content). Think of it as the songbook for your brand. Maybe you already know the melody but need help writing the lyrics. Or perhaps your sheet music is blank and you’re not even sure how to carry a tune. Whatever the need, we bring together a full orchestra of services to make your brand sings the right song.

Creative Development

At Chase Design, we are the conductors of creativity. It’s at the heart of what we do best and our experienced team of design professionals bring ideas to life with an end goal in mind. From print to web and everything in between and beyond, let our multi-channel design expertise work for you.


Content is king in the world of marketing and communications. Simply put, don’t waste good creative on bad copy unless you want a mediocre instrumental. Let us craft relevant, valuable and engaging content that stirs emotion in your audience and leads them to action. Our copywriting experts have decades of experience marrying words to images to bring out the best in your brand.

Commercial Audio Recording

If you need a radio spot for an ad or an on hold messaging system recorded for your company phone directory let us know.

Event Planning

When your brand is ready for a concert, we can fill the seats! From small-scale gatherings to multi-day conferences, we believe in the connections that events create between people and businesses. Take advantage of our comprehensive planning services to help you pull one off without a hitch.

Public & Media Relations

Do you have an amazing story but lack the skill or scope to tell it? The power of positive unpaid advertising is priceless. We can assist with media relations, media training and even crisis communications to help keep your brand under bright lights.

Print, Radio and Video Production

When you need full service, don’t settle for half the job. At Chase Design, we have partners in print and electronic production that we trust to bring our hard work for you to life.
Need a brochure? We’ve got it covered from concept to the finished copy in your hands. What about a radio spot, television commercial or corporate training video? Yep, we have experts for that too to make your audience sit up and listen. One-stop shopping with Chase Design…now that’s something to sing about.

Digital Strategies

While print isn’t dead (yet), to be competitive in today’s market place, you will need sound digital strategies to maximize your reach.
Chase Design can help pinpoint your sales, customer and/or social outreach goals and create contextual and SEO (search engine optimization) friendly content for web sites and mobile devices that will help you stand out.
Let’s face it – the mobile phone and tablet are the new TVs. We’ll make sure you stay relevant on them so you don’t end up being like a dusty old vinyl record at the weekend yard sale.