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"At Chase Design, our design process, used to help focus on solutions to your branding and marketing challenges, is quite simple: Listen. Plan. Execute.
This is the formula for Creating Success for our clients!"

- Chris Chase

Chase Design successfully helps our clients reach their full potential in the following areas.
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Multimedia Services

In order to reach the right target market, sometimes your company’s message needs to be showcased using the latest multimedia methods. Stimulating both the visual and audio senses of your audience with dynamic motion also has the added benefit of being able to convey ideas that are difficult to express with static pictures or words alone. That’s where the versatility of multimedia comes in.


Chase Design offers a wide array of affordable video services including corporate communications, advertisements and documenting large events. We can professionally shoot, direct, edit and produce your HD or web video.

3D Modeling

Nothing can help simplify a complicated presentation better than the perfect visual representation. Let your audience not only see what you are thinking, but how it also works in action. Chase Design is experienced in creating remarkable 3D models and animations for business.

Motion Graphics

Does your video or advertisement need that extra “zip”? Chase Design can create motion graphics that lets your message standout and with exciting flair.