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At Chase Design, we love creating logos!
We all know that first impressions are very important, and a logo, when successfully designed, can set the tone for how a company is perceived. It can also have a major influence in the creative direction of your marketing collateral (i.e. brochures, flyers, social media graphics, website).
Since a logo is an image that embodies the brand of an organization, it should effectively communicate your identity and what you stand for to your audience (and potential customers), be unique – easily distinguishing you from your competition, and it must be scalable – usable in any format.
From large healthcare organizations (Palomar Health), medical and dental practices (Dr. Joseph Laudie), to endurance sports and triathlon companies (Nation’s Triathlon), Chase Design has worked with many organizations and companies of different sizes and within a variety of different industries to help create memorable logos that promote their brand.
To create a successful logo it takes experience, talent and attention to detail. Even a solid understanding of the meaning of colors is very important. We always try to make sure that the colors we choose for logos and other marketing collateral have been thoroughly researched because colors really do make a difference psychologically, especially from a branding standpoint.
Whether you are a new business or an established company that has an urgent need to re-brand in order to meet the demands of an evolving marketplace, Chase Design is ready to collaborate with you to create a successful logo!
Below are some examples of our logo work.

The web can be unfamiliar territory for most businesses, but Chase Design can help create a roadmap to success, no matter what industry you are in. From a nationally recognized football quarterback guru (Steve Clarkson Dreammaker) to a global, 160 country professional employer organization (iWorkGlobal), Chase Design understands the web’s best practices and can implement turnkey solutions that will create results efficiently.
By combining our expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly Front-End Design that uses valid semantic markup languages (XHTML and XML), along with organized cascading style sheets (CSS); Front-end Development (HTML5, Bootstrap.js and jQuery); and Back-end Development (Python and Java) with high quality service and professional experience, we have the ability to create success on the internet for you.
To further increase your chances of successfully converting online leads into loyal customers, we also further optimize your website with Responsive Design. The growing usage of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets have changed the online landscape. This means that your website needs to have a flexible, mobile-friendly design that will give a fluid user experience from not only your computer, but also the latest smart phone or tablet.
Using our experience in creating Social Media Development solutions that effectively integrates with the APIs of all the popular social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn), we can further increase engagement with your audience and gather and then analyze the data, providing you with the ability to make smart business decisions based on quantifiable and measurable information. Don’t lose out on a potential sale to one of your competitors! Chase Design has the team, knowledge and experience necessary to develop a perfect online experience for your audience.
Below are some examples of our web design work.

Chase Design has years of experience of working with large organizations to create award-winning print projects.
Below are some examples of our print work.

With Chase Design’s vector illustration capabilities, you’ll have scalable graphics that will help grab the attention of your audience and potential clients across multiple mediums, from brochures to billboards, without any loss in quality.
Below are some examples of our illustration work.

From lifestyle and fashion to corporate events and product shots, Chase Design’s photography services can create engaging images that can give you more chances to tell your story to your target audience.
Below are some examples of our photography work.

Palomar Health

Medical Logo Design, Branding Manual

Healthcare logo design is one of our greatest accomplishments. Working with one of San Diego's most well known healthcare providers gave us the opportunity to really show off our skills and impress. We created a medical logo and branding manual that was used to rebrand Palomar Health, Southern California's Largest Healthcare District.
Chase Design has also created a variety of branding solutions for Palomar Health including business cards, Healthcare Print Design, indoor & outdoor signage, large format banners and marketing collateral.
Want to see how we can build you a reputable brand and what we can do with your responsive Wordpress redesign? Then stay with us to see more of our logo design portfolio or visit our logo design services page.

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