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A concise, engaging brand is an absolute requisite for success in today’s competitive economic climate. Whether it’s a unified method of print presentation, a newly launched brand identity or a corporate rebranding, it is essential that your business present itself in a unified, cohesive manner.

Although a contemporary, industry-leading brand may have been a luxury in the past, it is now a crucial component of larger marketing and promotional strategies. Your brand is one area that you should standardize across all formats and never compromise on.


At Chase Design, our marketing and design teams work closely with our clients to inject fresh thinking and innovation into the branding process. No matter what stage you may currently be involved in, we can help. Whether you are seeking a complete brand refresh, or would prefer to refine existing logos, we ensure that your professional identity remains distinctive, vibrant and one-of-a-kind.

We encourage you to contact us directly and tell us more about your particular project. Our team will provide you with perspective on new possibilities to stand out.

Turnkey Brand Identity Packages

At Chase Design, we believe strongly that an effective brand must communicate clearly across a broad array of media. This is why our branding packages involve much more than just a single task. The development of an effective brand begins with identifying all areas in which the brand will be seen. With this information, our team of experts will craft a powerful branding package which will propel your business forward in each of the domains in which it is visible.

Our brand identity packages include:

In any creative partnership, open and pragmatic discussions are an absolute necessity. We believe strongly that transparency and communication are integral aspects of a productive and synergistic client relationship. This is why we discuss our strategies and goals with each of our clients before development begins. This way, our vision coincides with the clients objectives. Our clients then remain informed throughout the branding process, and can discuss particular details with our design team at any time.

A Compelling Perspective on Brand Development

Building a new brand for our clients involves far more than simple logo designs. When we conceive of a new brand, we are creating a new identity. Your brand can influence virtually every aspect of your business. Your voice, your clientele – all are affected by the branding decision you make.

With that in mind, we have developed our own unique method for extracting the critical details which define our client’s business goals, their customer base, and how they envision the future of their operations. This process involves far more than just a phone call. We know that real results in this domain require a close connection with our clients, which is why we work collaboratively with you throughout the development phase in order to ensure that your new brand design resonates and lasts.

Feedback is an important element of branding process. This is why we listen closely to any questions or concerns that our clients may have during the development phase. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of your new brand as it is being created, we encourage you to reach out and communicate with us. Your satisfaction remains our highest priority. We will continue to craft and refine your brand identity until we have exceeded your expectations.

Your Branding Agency for the 21 Century

Regardless of where you may currently be on the road towards developing your brand, we hope we have the opportunity to hear more about your goals and ambitions. We define our own success by the achievements of our clients, and are thrilled to see new brands create new, rewarding opportunities.

Our Branding Work:

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Branding and Logo Portfolio

"At Chase Design, our design process, used to help focus on solutions to your branding and marketing challenges, is quite simple: Listen. Plan. Execute.
This is the formula for Creating Success for our clients!"

- Chris Chase

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