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Chase Design and Barona Casino: A Collaborative Success Story

Posted on: January 8th, 2024 by Chase Design

Exciting Partnership

We were honored when Barona Casino, renowned as the Best Resort and Casino in San Diego, California, approached us for collaboration.

Previously partnered with a larger agency, Barona sought a reliable, customer-centric partner offering design expertise, dedicated customer service, and hands-on collaboration. After a lengthy evaluation process, Chase Design emerged as their chosen agency, marking the beginning of an exciting partnership.

The first joint project focused on a comprehensive website redesign. The objective was to create a fully responsive, multi-language website equipped with a unique design evolved from the original brand and the latest web functionalities. This endeavor aimed not only to enhance the visitor experience but also to improve the brand’s essence while adhering to optimal UX design principles.

A Perfect Match

Barona’s commitment to excellence meant they prioritized a well-planned and executed product rather than a rushed process. It was imperative to ensure seamless integration of key components like the Promotion Calendar and translator while evolving the brand’s identity with a rejuvenated aesthetic.

At Chase Design, we are all about creating great, user-centric, and thoughtful design. Our approach involves a deep study of the brand and understanding the intricacies of the required functionalities. This philosophy perfectly aligned with Barona’s vision for elevating brand recognition and catering to the needs of both businesses and visitors.

Unveiling the Brand Essence

Immersing ourselves in Barona’s history through facility tours and engaging with staff and patrons provided invaluable insight into the brand’s personality. It was like getting a backstage pass to their brand essence! This immersive experience helped us channel inspiration, translating it into tangible design concepts.

The journey commenced with conceptualizing the homepage design, followed by iterative feedback from the Barona team. We then began crafting internal pages, implementing the design into a WordPress framework. Despite the year-long process, the collaboration was seamless, with iterative approvals and fine-tuning of intricate details to bring the website to life.

Post-launch, we hit the grounds again for a photoshoot for the creation of new imagery for various marketing materials, including the revamped website.

The unveiling of the NEW Barona website marks an exhilarating milestone in our collaborative journey!

Collaborate with us and experience the magic firsthand—see how Chase Design blends expertise, creativity, and dedication. Discover the difference when passion meets design prowess. Let’s create something extraordinary together!