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Elevating LAFCO – A Design Odyssey with Chase Design

Posted on: March 1st, 2024 by Chase Design

San Diego LAFCO – Igniting the Spark

In 2017, San Diego LAFCO embarked on a mission to redefine its identity, and Chase Design was enlisted to infuse the essence of San Diego County into their logo. Inspired by the region’s diverse landscape, we set out to craft a visual masterpiece that would resonate with locals and visitors alike.

Drawing inspiration from the majestic Palomar mountain range, the vibrant hues of birds of paradise, the iconic downtown cityscape, and the tranquility of the ocean, we meticulously blended these elements into a harmonious design. After presenting several concepts, our illustrative style, capturing the essence of San Diego’s natural beauty and urban vitality, emerged victorious, capturing the hearts of the LAFCO team.

The success of the logo redesign marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership, as San Diego LAFCO entrusted us with their print materials and marketing campaigns. It was more than just a project—it was a celebration of San Diego’s rich tapestry, and we were honored to play a part in shaping its visual narrative.


Orange County LAFCO – A Splash of Tradition

Encouraged by the victory in San Diego, Chase Design’s reputation as LAFCO design wizards spread, leading Orange County LAFCO to our doorstep. Their vision for a logo echoed simplicity, with an abstract orange silhouette dancing atop the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

chase design portfolio orange county LAFCO logo

Following the success of the logo redesign, Orange County LAFCO entrusted us with the monumental task of revamping their digital presence. Their website, the virtual gateway to their services and resources, demanded a seamless mix of functionality and aesthetics. With meticulous attention to detail, we set out to design a platform that not only reflected Orange County LAFCO’s values but also provided visitors with an intuitive and enriching the user experience.

Months of collaboration, brainstorming, and fine-tuning culminated in the launch of a website that exceeded expectations. Embracing a clean and modern design language, the new Orange County LAFCO website invites visitors to explore its wealth of information effortlessly. From streamlined navigation to visually captivating layouts, every element was crafted with the user in mind.

Santa Cruz LAFCO – Charting New Waters

With accolades from San Diego and Orange County, our sails caught the wind of opportunity, propelling us towards Santa Cruz. Their desire for a website redesign ignited our creative spark, empowering us to infuse a breath of fresh air into their digital presence.

The result? A captivating blend of innovation and aesthetics that set them apart in the LAFCO landscape.

Alameda LAFCO – Sealing the Deal with Style

As word of our design prowess spread far and wide, Alameda LAFCO invited us to weave our magic. Inspired by the allure of art-deco and the tapestry of Alameda’s landscape, we crafted a seal-style logo that spoke volumes. Each project, from San Diego to Alameda, showcased our versatility and dedication to excellence.

LAFCO Conference 2024 – Sharing Insights, Shaping Futures

Our journey culminated in an invitation to share our insights at the prestigious California LAFCO state conference. Chase Design will be presenting the dynamic Fiscal Indicators developed for Orange County LAFCO—an innovative tool illuminating agencies’ fiscal health.

What the Future Holds – Beyond Horizons

As we gaze towards the horizon, the future brims with promise. With gratitude in our hearts, we look forward to continuing our voyage alongside LAFCOs, crafting design narratives that captivate and inspire. Together, let’s embark on a journey of creativity, innovation, and boundless possibilities.

Work with us and discover the difference when passion meets design and problem-solving. Let’s create something extraordinary together!