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Chase Design is The 2021 Top Design Company in California According to Clutch

Posted on: July 23rd, 2021 by Chase Design

Every new business needs a face that will make their audience stop and notice them. This is a truth that everyone knows but not everyone can do. It takes a special set of skills to deliver a result that’s pleasing to clients. But it’s a whole different game to be recognized by other people because of it.

This is why we’re immensely proud to announce that Chase Design has been named as the Top Design Company in California by Clutch for the year 2021.

Clutch is an online B2B ratings platform that’s made a name for being able to determine the top performing companies in every industry for all over the world. Through the use of their unique verification system, they’ve become a resource of verified reviews of company quality that’s trusted among several fields.


In fact, this is what our own CEO had to say when commenting on the use of the Clutch platform.

“Clutch has been an amazing resource for Chase Design. We are getting way more new customers because we have joined Clutch.” – Chris Chase, Creator and CEO of Chase Design.

This is an important milestone for us as a team, because it provides concrete proof of the quality of our services. It’s also a great morale booster to know that we have people who can deliver excellent work even in the most challenging circumstances.

So what do you say? Let’s work on a project together and watch your company quickly rise through the ranks.