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6 Logo Design Resources That Are Guaranteed to Inspire

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by Chase Design

In the era of digital marketing we currently live in, something as ‘traditional’ as logo design may feel somewhat obsolete. After all, it’s easy to get distracted from the long term effect that great logo and branding package can have on your business. Sometimes your marketing team is immersed in the more immediate and quantifiable ROI that comes from print, adwords, display ad management, media buying strategies, email blasts and other effective advertising channels.

That being said, logo design continues to have a profound impact on the way consumers perceive a business. In fact, statistics now show that consumers will form their first impression of your business based upon their initial encounter with its logo. No matter what size of business you own or how large your marketing team may be, developing a great logo is critical. With that in mind, here are some outstanding online resources that may help you get inspired!


Behance : Curated Online Portfolios For Just About Everything

Behance offers marketing teams and business owners the invaluable opportunity to explore a trove of logo design ideas created by freelance artists and professionals around the world. The appeal of Behance lies in its simplicity and organization. After creating an account, users can search for specific genres of portfolios (in this case, logo design) and browse a seemingly endless array of projects. Users can follow creators they enjoy, ‘appreciate’ projects that stand out for them, and contact artists as needed. Whether you would like to hire a Behance creator or simply get inspired from their work, anything is possible.

Look Around You: Inspiration From Nature

Natural phenomenon have long proven to be a source of inspiration for artists of all genres. The Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio are two such ideas that have permeated art for centuries. If you’re at a loss as to how to get started on your next logo design, consider exploring these two starters, as well as the beauty and geometric simplicity of nature. This is a tactic that creatives have been using for centuries, and it is guaranteed to pay off.

r/LogoDesign: Tapping Into the Reddit Community

The Reddit community is easily one of the most dynamic, passionate and active of its kind anywhere on the internet. For those who may be looking for some honest feedback on their work or looking for examples of work to inspire the subreddit /r/logodesign will prove to be an invaluable information resource. There is ample discussion and critique taking place here, which also means you can use this platform to field test a new logo idea and see what other professionals think before going live.

A few tips for navigating this resource. Make sure that you keep a thick skin because its users are anonymous for the most part and will be very honest. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want to be public, Reddit is one of those places where things can go viral quickly. Finally, be sure to follow the rules for the best experience.

Designspiration.com: Artistic Inspirations for Logos

Sometimes, you just want to browse logos without dealing with the complexity of user profiles or forum threads. This is where Designspiration comes in. Featuring a clutter-free layout, and largely text-free interface, Designspiration is all about the art. Come here for a break from busier pages and scroll through an endless array of logos at your leisure.

Logo Designer Portfolios: A Personal Touch for Your Niche

Browsing the web for designer portfolios can reveal an amazing number of skillful, highly talented artists and innovators who have transformed and redesigned the logo into something that you may have never thought possible. Many designers may focus on a specific industry as well. For instance, we have a plethora of experience in medical and healthcare design as well as in endurance sports with many more examples found in our logo design portfolios. Developing a portfolio like this is also an excellent method for logo designers to demonstrate how a particular logo satisfied the particular requirements of a brief. This is also valuable information for business owners who may be looking to A.) hire a logo designer based upon their professional experiences and flexibility, and B.) explore new means by which logos can be adapted to their own individual brand.

Magical Mistakes: Don’t Overlook Accidental Inspiration

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how important it is to actively work on your own logo designs and find inspiration in your triumphs and failures. Sometimes, what you may perceive as a mistake in your own work could lead to a ‘Eureka!’ moment and a winning design. Although it certainly is important to research what others have done in this field, you should never consider this a replacement for your own experimentation. Good luck, and happy designing!