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Chase Design: Thanks For A Successful 2014!

Posted on: December 2nd, 2014 by Aaron Nabus

Did you devour everything in sight like a Hoover vacuum cleaner and gain 15 pounds on Thanksgiving? Did you get in line at 3am on Black Friday to get that new flat-screen TV just in time for The Walking Dead mid-season finale? Did you scour the internet relentlessly for good deals on Cyber Monday, even on your lunch break at work – or even during work (don’t worry, we won’t tell on you)?

While it’s easy and fun to be gluttonous and greedy this holiday season, it’s also important to not lose perspective and to be thankful:

  • For the good fortune you receive when preparation meets opportunity.
  • For the people you meet that you gain insight and inspiration from (or conversely, those that gain them from you).

At Chase Design, we have a lot of things to be thankful for this year, especially the good fortune of working with some amazing new clients this year:

San Diego Athletics

If you in fact gained 15 pounds (or more) during Thanksgiving and if you live in the San Diego, CA area, then you should definitely check out San Diego Athletics. We had the pleasure of creating a logo for them when they were known as Crossfit PB. Wanting to diversify, they recently re-branded themselves as San Diego Athletics, so they asked us to update their logo.

CrossFit PB



We love providing effective branding solutions to our clients! So when we were approached by Metis Commercial Finance to create a logo, business cards and website that would reflect their vast experience and reach (they are a nationwide non-bank lender with offices in La Jolla, CA and Boston, MA), we were confident we could hit a home run for them.


Metis Website


Cross-Fit, the exercise craze that has recently taken the exercise world by storm is very, very intense. PastParallel™’s mission is to provide high quality custom apparel that will respond to the vigorous day-to-day high volume workouts that constantly requires athletes to go from full extension to PastParallel™. So when they asked us to create a logo for them, we knew we had to create one that had a strong enough presence to represent their mission, every time someone dons their apparel for their WOD – like a gladiator preparing for battle.

Past Parallel

Past Parallel Website

Chug with Zane Lamprey

When well-traveled Zane Lamprey approached Chase Design to assist with the development of the website for his crowd funded show, Chug, which needed to be completed in time for it’s a debut on The National Geographic Channel a few day later, of course we said we could help!

Zane has one simple mission with Chug, to peel back the layers of a location and seek out the native drinks and drinking culture that have evolved in the region.

From initial contact, to the launch of the site, we felt like we flew around the world. But we were happy to lend our technical expertise to help make sure Zane had a successful debut for his new show. Cheers!

Chug Website

When it comes to inspiration and motivation this year, Chris Chase, CEO and Creative Director of Chase Design, is thankful for having the distinct honor of recently appearing as a guest on Jesse’s Secret Stash, a local San Diego radio show on ESPN Radio 1700AM that puts the spotlight on San Diego’s hidden treasures and also some of San Diego’s leading entrepreneurs.

Chris Chase - Jesse's Secret Stash

Taking a break from the usual off the cuff format of the show, host Jesse Ibanez, who is also a leading entrepreneur in his own right, as Co-Owner of The Greenhouse Group, Inc., set a more introspective tone, one befitting a show that was broadcasted on Veterans Day. Paying homage to those that have served and sacrificed their lives and then expressing how veterans would make good employees segued to a discussion on the sacrifices and steps an entrepreneur has to make in order to succeed. Lots of motivation and insight on this episode!

Happy Holidays from Chase Design!