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The Chase Design Logo Design Process

Posted on: November 11th, 2014 by Aaron Nabus

If you have read our past blog posts, Good Branding Starts with a Good Logo and The Importance of Value-Based Logo Design, you have come to realize the benefits of a well designed logo and, more importantly, making sure you have the right team in place to create that logo.

But what about the actual process of creating a logo?

With his many years of experience bringing successful logo designs to fruition (such as for Palomar Health), Chris Chase, CEO and Creative Director of Chase Design, plays an active, hands on role consulting and guiding each client using this simple, yet effective philosophy – Listen. Plan. Execute. Evaluate.

Using this way of thinking in each stage of the following design process helps to guarantee the best results:

Kick-Off Meeting
We gather information from the client on the logo so we know the direction we need to go.

This is where we do research to try and capture the feeling you want the new brand to convey. We make sure to also conduct research on the industry itself, company history and any competitors.

Black & White Concepts
Usually 2–3 concepts are made to present, based on our research and internal sketches. In order to create a successful logo, it is important to design simply in black and white, rather than full color. This part of the process allows the designer to focus on the concept and shape, rather than color, which is subjective in nature.

Color Concepts
Usually 2–3 concepts are made to present, based on the approved black & white concepts. In this stage of the process, we make sure to research suitable colors. As we have explained in our previous blog post, The Meaning of Color, we understand that the meaning of colors are important. We always try to make sure that the colors we choose for logos have been thoroughly researched because colors really do make a difference psychologically, especially from a branding standpoint.

Final Delivery of Logo
Based on the previous round of color concepts, we fine tune the vector elements of the approved logo concept.

Final Delivery of Identity Doc and Logo Files
The final stage of the logo design process involves the creation of the different file formats (JPG, EPS, TIFF, etc.) and the “Identity Doc.” The Identity Doc is the first step in the creation of a full fledged Branding Manual and it documents the fonts and colors (PMS, RGB, CMYK and Hex values) used to create the final version(s) of the logo.

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