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Former San Diego Fire Chief Jeff Bowman Speaks on Leadership

Posted on: February 8th, 2018 by Chase Design

At Chase Design we take leadership values to heart.  It comes through both in and outside of our office environment as we play a role as representatives for our client’s brands, marketing evangelists and members of the San Diego design community.  We are always looking to lead effectively and play a positive role in peoples lives that we come in contact with. It also helps us keep a strong team environment.

That’s why we were thrilled when former San Diego and Orange County Fire Chief, Jeff Bowman, came to our Poway office to speak to us about the tenets of leadership and team values that he learned from the legendary Coach John Wooden. We all came away with something that we thought would help us improve in leadership and as people.

Here’s a chance to meet the team and learn a little more about what stuck with us.

Chris Chase
Creator & CEO

Hearing Jeff speak about his time as a Fire Chief, as well as his time with Coach John Wooden, was very inspiring. I was able to relate so much of what he said about leadership and character to my own life as well as my company. I thought it was an excellent experience and was so grateful that he asked to speak to the Chase Design Team.

His recommendation to read John Wooden’s book was so timely. Thanks again Jeff!


Aaron Nabus
Project Manager & Lead Designer

I’ve only heard about John Wooden through the lens of YouTube videos and social media posts regarding of him, coming across the occasional Wooden quote from some self-improvement “guru.”

The unique opportunity to hear from someone who had a personal relationship with Coach Wooden as both a friend and mentor is something that I will always remember.

Thank you so much, Jeff Bowman, for sharing how he made such a huge impact on your life. From your accomplishments as a Fire Chief, founding member and former president of the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim and most importantly, as a husband, father and grandfather, I’m sure Coach Wooden would be proud of the effort you have put in to be the best that YOU can be.

I will aspire to do the same. The biggest takeaways for me were to “make everyday a masterpiece” and make sure to think twice whenever I feel like whining, complaining or making excuses.

Joon Park
Creative Web Manager

It was a pleasure hearing Jeff Bowman’s speech. He not only touched on leadership within the work environment, but also on many other aspects of our personal lives; how they harmonize together to help us become better individuals, better colleagues and better leaders. His speech made it clearer on the “why” method I’ve been trying to practice as opposed to simply doing the job.


Shawn Davis
Lead Designer

We were very really appreciative of Jeff taking time out of his schedule to come visit with our team!

After hearing with him speak I could tell a lot about his level of character and how much has been learned from coach John Wooden.

I have taken a big step by being more aware and applying some of the things that John Wooden has talked about in his book, into my own personal life.

Family, teamwork and always looking for the “why” in everything I do! The book touched me so much that I am reading it for the second time. Again, I really appreciate his time in speaking with us!

I have learned so much from this experience…Thank You!


Kevin Fleming
Digital Marketing Director

As Jeff spoke about John Wooden and the leadership values he instilled in him as a friend, I was impacted by two things. The first was the importance that he put on the priorities we all need to place on the three “F’s”. Friends, Family and Faith. His comments to the affect that any of these things need to come first in life. If a friend truly needs you, if your family truly needs you or if your faith needs you, a great leader will understand this and enable you to take care of these priorities.

The second was in regards to his first dinner with Coach Wooden, where he had brought his daughter and wife. Coach wooden spent the entire dinner asking his daughter questions “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, “Which is your favorite subject in school?” etc. When asked why Coach Wooden mentioned that the youth was the future of our planet and society and we need to value their opinions. It showed how humble a great leader is.


Ben Kaplan
Social Media Manager

The one thing that truly stuck out to me from his speech is how to be a leader amongst your peers. This lesson is so valuable and a majority of people are afraid to comment on their peer’s work because they are on the same level. Working with each other in such a way can build success in a business.