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Case Study: James Lepanto

Posted on: November 12th, 2015 by Aaron Nabus

If you are starting a new business, most likely one of the first things you will do is hire an agency than you can trust to develop a logo for you that will help establish your brand – which can be a very daunting task.

When James Lepanto decided to couple his many years of social service and mental health experience with his passion for “Igniting Potential in Life and Leadership” as a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Consultant and also as an expert in the areas of Resiliency and Leadership Development, he knew that he would need to find a branding agency that could design a logo and business card that would adequately express the authority and sincerity that he was well known for.

After James did his due diligence, interviewing agencies to find one he felt comfortable with, he decided to go with Chase Design’s “value-based logo design” philosophy and right off the bat, a special, synergistic relationship was formed.

Similar to how James’ clients put their trust in his authority and sincerity, James put his faith in the branding expertise and integrity that Chris Chase, Creative Director and Principal of Chase Design has been known for.

Logo and Identity Sheet

James Lepanto Logo - Stacked


James Lepanto Logo - Horizontal

James Lepanto Identity Sheet

After the initial consultation with Chris and the Chase Design team, it became apparent that in addition to his original logo and business card request, James would also need a mobile-friendly responsive website, SEO, branded social media channels, photography and video to properly help him connect with the right groups and individuals that could really benefit from his passion to motivate.


James Lepanto Website



Here is how success can be created when you have a team with the right tools (creativity, organization and customer service). If you are a new business or organization that needs an agency to help you create a logo – and then develop a cohesive brand experience with a website, social media graphics, SEO, photography, video/multimedia and other print collateral (such as business cards, brochures and trade show graphics), please contact us today – we look forward to hearing from you!

Testimonial from James